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With our HQ in the heart of Europe, international search engine optimization is our daily business.

In Europe, where speaking more than one language is still a must, our agency has been facing challenges like:

  • country targeting
  • language targeting
  • regional content creation

Lets delivery your message across the ocean!

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Our SEO agency does not employ magicians, but SEO nerds by heart.

Are you looking for constructive feedback on your onpage optimization or core web vitals?

Perhaps you would also like to hand over your SEO strategy to our agency due to a lack of know-how?

Either way, we look forward to getting to know you!

Where we can help

SEO Audit

Running an enterprise site can be tricky, and tricky is what we like. We analyze your web presence in comparison to best practice methods.

Content Creation

Content is simple: The winner takes it all! 1 % get 99 % of the attention. Let's make sure your content is not listed on page 2 of the search engine.

SEO Strategy

Let's organize your website by content clusters. Always keeping your buyer persona in mind, since the ultimate goal is conversion.

International SEO

Having an established SEO strategy in place for the US, does not guarantee you success in Europe. Each country is its own market and needs to be treated like this.

Why is international SEO important?

The reason for doing international SEO is simple:

To open new sales channels. Like opening new sales offices in different countries, SEO strategies should be adapted to the local target market. Not only the reader expects different content (cultural differences or more domestic related), but also the respective search engine needs to get GEO-signals for the correct targeting.

How can I do SEO in Europe?

If you are doing SEO in Europe, you should consider the following steps:

1. Research your target audience (Europe is driven by multilingual countries and diverse cultural behavior).

2. Research your target market (Keyword Volume, CTR, ... ).

3. Choose your right URL strategy (ccTLDs vs gTLDs, sub-domains vs sub-directories). 

4. Doing SEO in Europe can be overwhelming, especially in the beginning! So, prioritize your target country and the content (Keywords) you want to focus on.

5. Create customized content for your audience.

How do I target multiple countries on Google?

Besides creating valuable content for your target audience, sending the right signals to respective search engine is important. Targeting signals might include:

· Using a country specific Top-Level-Domain (ccTLD) e.g., for Germany.

· If you work with a generic top-level domain (gTLD) e.g., you can target a specific location for Google via its Search Console or for Bing via its Webmaster Tool.

· Server location can give the search engine a signal about your site's targeted audience. However, even google itself states it’s not a definitive signal, since many websites take advantage of content delivery networks (CDNs).

· Set the right hreflang statements. If you host multiple versions of your page (targeting different languages or regions) hreflang tags are the perfect way to inform google, that there are specific pages for specific users. By sharing this information, Google has higher chance to show the best page version by language or region.
Be aware: Sending mixed or wrong signals via hreflang can mess up your visibility in the search engine!

· Backlinks from local sites can indicate, to the search engine, that your site's content is relevant in the same area.

· Further signals could be: Currency, language, addresses published on your site and your google business profile.

How much does SEO service for Europe cost?

· First and foremost, for Search Engine Optimization the right budget is the one you can afford. And not only once, but for a period of at least 6, or even better with 12 months.

· The costs for SEO in Europe heavily depends on the number of targeted countries (maintain site architecture, translate content, create country specific content).

· For working together with us, international campaigns start at $4,500 per month (without content creation).

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